Seniors Wellness Security - Independent Living System

As the population ages, it’s our duty to take care of our seniors. Luckily, technology is making it much safer and more manageable to allow elderly family members to live in their own space for longer, without having to visit them on a daily basis to verify that they took their pills, that they ate properly, etc.

Give seniors independence with wellness security solutions

Among other reasons, older family members can live independently for longer periods due to the progress made in senior security systems, and the advancements in-home monitoring. Our advanced wellness solutions for seniors rank highly for caregivers and relatives of seniors and give everyone more peace of mind. 

Equip their home with a two-way voice camera system

For some seniors, the use of an iPad and FaceTime can be pretty difficult. With a two-way voice camera, it's easy for them to simply press the top button and on your side, the owner of the account, you'll receive a notification and you'll be able to talk to your family member and see them live from your app.

Monitor senior’s safety for quick emergency response

The system is built on a series of sensors to keep your loved one safe.

The “panic pendant” is a device worn around the neck to detect falls while also acting as an emergency button to call for help. Combined with additional panic buttons placed low to the ground in fall-risk areas, these are great tools for protecting seniors. But it’s only the start.

Pressure sensors can be applied to beds and chairs to monitor behaviour. If the senior doesn’t get out of bed in the morning, the system can send an alert so you can make sure they’re alright. Over time, it learns their daily routine and can let you know if something changes. You can even put sensors on medicine cabinets to ensure they’re taking their meds, offering you real-time status updates to put your mind at ease.

The senior security system also comes with 24/7 emergency response to fire, intrusion, and medical emergencies. Even if you miss an important update, you’ll know someone is watching out for your loved one.

Improve senior’s security for a safer home with an independent living system

With everything connected to your phone, you’ll be the first to know if something doesn’t seem right. You’ll even receive updates while they sleep: If a door or window is open for too long, and want to be notified of such events, you’ll be alerted. If they leave their bed, you’ll know how long they’ve been gone by checking the app that comes with the wellness system.

Our wellness solutions also help with basic home security tasks. You can set up automation for things like lights, thermostats, and door locks in case the senior forgets. Track how long doors and windows have been open and control monitoring systems from your phone.

Wellness for senior citizens for a better living

Seniors will love the simplicity of their security system. Everything can be controlled with voice commands so they can turn on lights or lock their door without lifting a finger.

The best part is how easy you’ll be able to contact your loved one. With the same security app you use to monitor their activity, you can instantly see and hear them with a single push-to-talk button. Whether you’re worried about their health, doing a daily check-in or simply discussing the weather, you’ll always feel connected.

Contact our STANLEY Security experts to set up your senior loved one with a wellness security system.

FAQ about our Senior's Wellness security system

Q: How does a fall detection alert pendant work?
First, the manual alert button allows the person to press it to call for help, and this same pendant contains an accelerometer that can detect a rapid fall of a person to the ground. In both cases, in the event of an alert, the control panel and the person associated with the account (such as a family member) will receive a medical alert and act accordingly.

Q: What extra safety tool can detect abnormal habits in the daily life of an elderly person?
We offer weight detection systems, which you can insert under a mattress or under a sofa to find out. For example, if a loved one has been in bed all day.

Q: What makes STANLEY Security one of the best security systems for the elderly?
The majority of companies will only offer you an alert and fall pendant, while our systems will allow you to know a lot more about the important daily habits of your loved ones, such as opening the refrigerator, consumption schedule of medication, movement around the house, checking sleep schedule, and a 180-degree camera with easy-to-use two-way communication.

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