Water leak detection system

Know when you have a potential water leak

As part of the Stanley Security Smart Home system, you can integrate a water leak sensor and a remote water shut-off valve. The WiFi water sensor we use is the Nowa 360, a trustworthy Canadian company, which comes with five slim, corrosion-proof sensor pucks you can place strategically around your house in any room with a water source: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, mud room, etc.

Each puck has a range of up to 5,000 square feet and will detect even the slightest bit of leaking. If this happens, the system will automatical-ly activate the main water shut-off, connected to the central unit. Once the potential for more damage has been mitigated, you’ll get an alert sent to your mobile phone letting you what happened, in what room. Worst case scenario, you have a bit of a puddle to wipe up with paper towel. But given what could have been if you didn’t know there was a leaking issue, that’s fantastic.

The system will also notify you when the temperature outside drops to “bursting pipes” levels, so you can decide whether or not you want to digitally override the shut-off valve. This feature comes in extremely handy when you’re out of town, because coming home to a flooded house due to burst pipes is probably the biggest post-vacation-buzz-kill you can imagine, especially given the average $43K price tag for a residential flood.

Good for your palace and your pocketbook

An automatic water shut-off valve is looked upon very favorably by insurance companies, given that nearly 50 percent of all residential insurance claims are water-related (compared to four percent for fire and less than 20 percent for theft.

By building water leak sensors and water shut-off capabilities into your Smart Home design, you could very well save hundreds of dollars of premiums in perpetuity, simply for being proactive and a bit neurotic as you should be with your home.

And if you really want to step up the protection (which, again, you should), you can build fire protection and water protection into the same Stanley Smart Home system.

What about flooding due to weather?

As you know, engaging the water cut won’t do much if the water dam-age is due to a leaking roof or holes in your foundation. But the sys-tem can still warn you if something like that is happening, with the Nowa 360’s optional sensing cable. Install them on it to any of the pucks you have and stretch them out across the floor. They’ll be able to detect something as small as a droplet of water regardless of where it’s from and send you a notification. If the main water-shut off isn’t engaged, you can be fairly confident that the water is coming in from an external source and you can quickly book a roofer or a mason to come have a look. This feature is especially useful for when you’re going to be leaving your home for an extended period of time, but it’s just as handy if you’re at work on an especially wet day.

Why choose Stanley for water damage protection?

Because since 1843, Canadians have chosen Stanley for everything else related to maintaining a safe home: tools, accessories, advice and now security. We’re #1 in tools and storage, and #2 in commercial electronic security and engineering fastening. We have over 52,000 employees. And we’re certified by the Central Station Alarm Association, the Bureau of Private Security, the Consumer Protection Office Roaming License and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. All that to say that we have your back. We smartly integrated the automatic water shut-off valve and the water leak detector into the Smart-home system and we partnered with Canada’s #1 hardware provider.

Be flood-free

Call us at 1-855 873-2505 for a free quote or evaluation, or fill out a form so we can help you evaluate your needs and get you set up with Stanley Security.

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