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When you picture a home invasion or a burglar, what do you see?

Most of us picture someone who resembles the McDonald’s Hamburglar, with a black and a mask, moving through the night in stealth mode, jimmying door locks and sneaking through a home while the owners are sleeping. The statistics paint an altogether different picture. Most home invasions occur during the day, between 10 am and 3 pm while most people are at work. In fact, more than 70% of burglaries occur when no one’s home.

Many burglars will case out the home they’re looking got rob to get a sense of the homeowners’ schedule so they know when the home is definitely going to be empty. And then, the burglars blend into the neighbourhood. Sometimes, they go so far as to disguise themselves as delivery or tradespeople.

And while it’s true that most burglars will avoid targeting homes they know have an alarm or theft protection (generally indicated by a sticker on the window), now burglars are taking a look at exactly what kind of theft protection the home has. This is because the average burglar can be in and out of your home in less than 10 minutes with everything they want to take, and without security cameras, they could go in & out with no one to identify them. With Smart Security Cameras that records footage live to your phone, it would be another story.

So as a homeowner, how do you dissuade a burglar from choosing your home? Well, if you were a burglar and you knew a home’s burglary protection system was connected to a network of cameras that captured your face as you walked through the house, you’d probably think twice about knocking off that house. The same thing goes when the alarm system goes off as soon as they open a door, break a window or pass in front of a movement detector.

A STANLEY Security sticker tells a burglar they might be on camera, and for most thieves, that’s enough to get them to move on.

The Full STANLEY Security Theft Protection System

In addition to connecting to as many cameras as you want, the STANLEY Security System comes with: 

  • A loud alarm that will alert the street to the presence of an intruder
  • An easy-to-use keypad (keypad integrated or separated and a battery backup)
  • A direct connection to a cell phone or a landline phone
  • Door sensors that will trip the alarm when disturbed
  • Motion detectors you can adapt if you have pets you leave at home
  • Optional window sensors and broken glass detectors (three out of ten burglaries come in through a window)
  • Optional panic buttons (should you happen to be home)

How a STANLEY Security System Works

When the alarm is set off after opening a door, and disarmed within a minute, we’ll assume everything is okay and no action will be taken.

If the alarm is not disarmed, we’ll call the provided number to confirm if there's a problem.

If you answer the phone, you’ll be asked to provide a password and you have two to choose from. The first is an all-clear password that tells us it’s a false alarm. We’ll deactivate the alarm from our side and no further action will be taken. The second is a “code of constraint” password that tells us the intruder has compromised your personal safety. In that case, we’ll deactivate the alarm but still send the police. You’ll also have the option to enter a code of constraint on the keypad or hit the “hold-up” button, which will trigger an immediate call to the police (and a follow-up check-in call an hour later).

If you don’t answer the phone, we’ll contact the people on your emergency contact list, tell them what’s happening and let them decide whether or not to call the police. If we get no answers, we’ll call the police ourselves.

Why choose STANLEY for home theft prevention?

Because since 1843, Canadians have chosen STANLEY for everything else related to maintaining a safe home: tools, accessories, advice and now security. We’re #1 in tools and storage, and #2 in commercial electronic security and engineering fastening. We have over 61,000 employees, and we’re certified by the Central Station Alarm Association, the Bureau of Private Security, the Consumer Protection Office and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

Protect your home with a theft protection system

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