Smart Thermostat Automation - Z-Wave Thermostats

Save on heating costs when you're not at home

How much money do you throw out the window because of bad thermostat control?

According to Energy Star, 43% of your total utility bill goes to regulating the temperature in your home. And depending on the month and the weather, it can go a lot higher than that. But when it’s plus or minus 30 degrees, you’re not going to compromise comfort to save a few bucks.

Offset the cost of comfort with a smart thermostat.

A key element of the STANLEY Security home automation system is that a smart thermostat gives you full control over the power you use so you’re never wasting. The savings pay for those extreme January/July days and put extra money in your pocket every month. This kind of system is all linked to the same app where you already control your alarm system.

Program your thermostat by room, by day or by season 

Why would you pay to heat an empty guest bedroom or cool a deep basement to near-arctic conditions? Non-programmable thermostats don’t give you the option to redirect energy. The Honeywell and smart thermostat does and we can provide you with both systems. And it lets you do all the redirecting from your phone in real-time. This feature is great for Air B&B owners who can turn off the heat when one guest leaves and turn it on again just before the next guest arrives from there phone.

It’s also great for frequent travelers who can pre-set their thermostats to match their at-home schedule over a week, a month or a year. If something comes up, it’s a connected wifi thermostat that can be accessed by any smart device anywhere in the world.

And if you're an average family looking to do whatever you can to lower your monthly bills, you can program your Honeywell smart thermostat to recognize when you leave the house or when you get close to the house to reduce and increase energy use.

Control your Honeywell wifi thermostat with your phone.

You’re halfway to work in the morning our about to catch a plane going on vacations and forgot to turn the A/C down for the day or for the week? That’ll happen a few times. Fix it with a few taps on our app.

Z-Wave technology makes this possible. It’s the top home automation solution on the market, it’s the easiest to integrate (no rewiring required) and it’s encrypted like an online banking portal so you can be sure your data is safe.

You’ll save money with a smart thermostat, and that’s only one benefit

It’s easier. It gives you more control. It makes you the master of your own home and how you want to feel in it, no matter where you are. And when so much is out of our control (like the weather), it’s empowering to get some of it back.

FAQs on smart home temperature control and termostats

Q: Is it possible to block thermostats through the app to prevent children from changing room temperatures manually?
Yes, on our STANLEY Security platform it is possible to limit the temperature control to the owner's account to maintain control over the thermostats throughout the year and adjust as needed.

Q: Is it possible to turn a normal thermostat into a smart thermostat?
No. It is absolutely necessary to change the thermostat to a model compatible with the correct smart platform. Iff you want to have control of all your automation applications on a single platform, ask your representative about the different compatible brands.

Q: Can a smart thermostat work with an electric baseboard or is it only compatible with central heating systems?
Yes, both models of smart thermostats are available in the market.

Ready to get smart about your HVAC bills?

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