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Types of smoke alarms and fire alarms

Two styles dominate the market: ionization smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms.

Ionization Smoke Alarms

The ionization smoke alarms contain a chamber with two electrodes and a radioactive component that produces rays. When thick smoke from a flame enters the interior, the current is disturbed, triggering the alarm. It’s effective, but its radioactive component has had it banned by some European countries. Ionization smoke alarms are the most commons that we see in most houses, yet it's a cheap model and most of the time it will get triggered by burnt toasts, but not by actual smoke from a fire.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Many fire safety companies recommend photoelectric smoke detectors because of their ability to detect pre-fire smoke. A photoelectric smoke alarm contains an optical chamber, consisting of a LED light-emitting diode, a receiver, and a photocell. When smoke enters the optical chamber, the light produced by the LED is reflected on the smoke particles, which trigger the alarm. According to most fire safety professionals and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), a proper fire safety plan in a home is to have at least one photoelectric detector for the smoke in the house. 

STANLEY smoke detector: A technology you'll hopefully never use.

Ideally, you’d go your whole life without ever needing to be saved by a smoke alarm or fire alarm. But fires start too easily and spread too quickly not to be prepared for the worst, which is why having the best smoke alarms and fire alarms installed is a good idea. According to SGI Canada, 24,000 residential and commercial fires break out every year in Canada, leading to 3048 injuries and 377 deaths.

In just three minutes, the heat from a small fire can turn into a catastrophic disaster by causing what firefighters call a “flashover” (where everything in the room bursts into flames). But before that happens, the poisonous gases created by fire, like carbon monoxide, can quickly cause confusion and disorientation, impeding your ability to either extinguish the fire pre-flashover or get out in time to save yourself and your family. This is why it’s so critical to have a functional smoke alarm and fire alarm installed in your home, and why some provinces (like Ontario) have mandated that all houses are equipped with fire and smoke alarms.

The STANLEY Security Solution fire prevention solution

STANLEY Security takes fire prevention a step further with Smart Smoke Detectors that connect to our monitoring station and your smartphone, so we can take immediate action and you can be immediately notified if you’re not home.

A STANLEY fire alarm technician will come to your home and install your smoke and fire alarm detectors as required, following the recommended guidelines to not install them in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. They’ll then set up the technology, connecting your smart devices and our monitors. Should your alarm go off, you’ll immediately get a call. If you either don’t answer the phone or you answer and confirm the presence of a fire, we’ll call the fire department for you so you can focus on getting yourself and your family to safety. Then, we’ll call whoever you’ve listed as your emergency contact to let them know what’s going on.

With STANLEY Security, you have more than a fire alarm or smoke alarm. You have actual support to get you to safety and help you protect what really matters.

Why choose STANLEY for fire protection?

Because since 1843, Canadians have chosen STANLEY for everything else related to maintaining a safe home: tools, accessories, advice and now security. We’re ranked #1 in tools and storage and #2 in commercial electronics security in the world. We have over 61,000 employees and we’re certified by the Central Station Alarm Association, the Bureau of Private Security, the Consumer Protection Office and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.

Be fire safe

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