Water leak detection system and shut-off valve

Know when you have a water leak

As part of the STANLEY Security Smart Home system, you can integrate a water leak sensor and a remote water shut-off valve. The wireless water sensor we use is the Nowa 360, a trustworthy Canadian company, which comes with five slim, corrosion-proof sensor pucks you can place strategically around your house in any room with a water source: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc. 

Water damage defense is Nowa’s only business!

A water leak detection system never sleeps

Whether you’re at home or away, STANLEY Security is working to detect water. At the first sign of water contacting the sensor, the sensor signals the control panel, and the valve is shut off. The whole sequence takes about ten seconds. Much, much faster than you could likely act to detect a leak turn the water off.

Imagine what can happen while you’re away! We thought of that too. When used with an optional motion sensor, our system can shut your water off while you’re out, automatically. When you return, it will turn the water back on as well. No codes to enter, buttons to push or dongles to track.

Power failure? STANLEY’s got you covered. Each system comes with a rechargeable battery pack to allow for detection and shut-off when the power is out.

Cold outside? Did someone leave a window open? The sensors can also be set up to detect temperatures of 5° C. Frozen pipes are a major concern. Get notified before you have a problem!

When detection occurs, you’ll be immediately notified at the control panel or on your iOS or Android smartphone. A brief SMS Alert and/or emails to multiple parties will outline the reason for notification and, precisely when and where detected. You don’t have to teach the water shut-off system anything. It’s plug-and-play.

Our system is built on a Security platform. That means it’s safe, encrypted and flexible. It will fit into your site plan and budget. Whether a single-family dwelling, multi-suite residential or industrial operation, new build or existing, we will work to provide 24/7/365 defence against water ruining your property and your day. If you’ve had a recent water damage experience, your insurer may require a system like our to be installed to prevent repeat occurrences.

If you don’t want to experience water damage, give STANLEY a call! Coming home to a flooded house due to burst pipes is probably the biggest post-vacation-buzz-kill you can imagine, especially given the average $43K price tag for a residential flood.


A water shut-off valve installation is great for your peace of mind and your pocketbook

Insurers are waging battle against water damage claims. The rise in both frequency and cost are unsustainable for everyone. For reasonably close to your deductible amount, you could be in a much better position to deal with better premiums and coverage, lower relative deductible amounts and a wider range of insurers to choose from. Some insurers may even offer premium discounts for the installation of our water shut-off valve systems. Consider that water damage claims of insurers exceed those for fire and theft combined!

Perhaps more importantly, consider that your property may not be habitable in the wake of water damage; replacement housing, the loss of irreplaceable personal items, the upset of just trying to get back to normal. If you work from home, add that to the burden. The worst imaginable is a refusal by your insurer to cover the loss. If you’ve had previous water damage claim(s), this is a distinct possibility.

Why choose STANLEY for water damage protection?

Budget to your benefit. Gain the rewards of immediate protection and peace of mind with STANLEY Security now, and finance as one neat, manageable package designed with your needs and budget in mind. Since 1843, Canadians have chosen STANLEY for nearly everything else related to maintaining a safe home: tools, accessories, advice and now security. We’re #1 in tools and storage, and #2 in commercial electronic security and engineering fastening. We have over 52,000 employees. And we’re certified by the Central Station Alarm Association, the Bureau of Private Security, the Consumer Protection Office Roaming License and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. All that to say that we have your back.

We smartly integrated the automatic water shut-off valve and the water leak detector into the Smart-home system and we partnered with Canada’s #1 hardware provider.

Be flood-free

Call us at 1-855 873-2505 for a free quote or evaluation, or fill out a form so we can help you evaluate your needs and get you set up with STANLEY Security.

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