Commercial Security System for Business

Armed and Ready: Commercial Security Systems for Small Business

Of all the problems keeping small business owners awake at night, theft is near the top of the list. Burglaries are among the most common serious crimes, and small businesses are a popular target, often because their security systems and protocols aren’t adequate.

Given the financial and psychological consequences of theft, a commercial security system is a must. If you aren’t taking care of security, you aren’t taking care of your business. If you’re like too many Canadian small business owners, you’re making it too easy for thieves, from poor protocols for cash handling and key holding, to insufficient security that allows criminals to enter the premises undetected. Most break-ins are committed by amateurs without sophisticated tools and, unlike lightning, thieves often strike the same business twice!

What steps can I take to secure my business with an alarm system?

These simple, common-sense tips will help keep your business secure. Start with your own employees (1 in every 40 employees was apprehended for theft by their employers in 2017).

  • Instead of distributing keys to everyone, give them electronic access with either codes or a scanning pass and keep track of the hours when they come-in to work. When those employees quit, you can simply de-activate their codes.
  • Have a proper protocol for cash handling.
  • Have different cameras at strategic places
  • If it’s a retail store, make sure the merchandise is organized strategically; for example, by keeping small items close to the cash register where shoplifters are less likely to operate.
  • You should also arrange shelves in a way that allows employees to keep a clear view of the retail area.
  • Know your business’s most vulnerable access points, and use bars and locks on windows where required.
  • Good lighting is also key. Make sure you have proper lighting both inside and outside of your business and don’t give thieves anywhere to hide.

Most important of all, use a business intrusion alarm system and other business security systems.

Why use a commercial alarm system?

Business intrusion alarms are the number one way to prevent and respond to potential burglaries, and they work on many different levels. First, they offer protection against break-and-enter events, triggering an alarm and deterring thieves from entering your business in the first place. Additionally, they offer protection against theft by your own employees, which is, unfortunately, the most common type of business theft. Strategically placed motion detectors can be set to send a signal to security cameras whenever someone enters a protected area such as a room where a cash safe is held which will then automatically begin recording. Door and window sensors can also trigger cameras to start filming (to start recording every time the cash register gets open for example). All types of notifications can be programmed with our security systems.

The hardware in a STANLEY Security system for business

STANLEY Security offers DSC and Qolsys commercial alarm systems. Each basic package includes a control panel with a keyboard (integrated or conventional), one siren, 2 or 3 door/window contacts, one motion detector and full control of your systems from a mobile app. Additional options include:

  • Access control with Smart Locks
  • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Glass break detectors
  • Additional Windows Opening Contacts, motion detectors or sirens
  • Cameras for remote viewing when an alarm is triggered
  • Wireless Silent Panic Button for burglaries
  • Exterior door sensors to protect a fence, a detached garage, a warehouse, etc.
  • Smoke and Fire detectors
  • Water leak detectors and water shut off valve
  • Temperature sensors
  • And many more...

The vast majority of STANLEY Security’s products include an interactive application that will allow you to arm and disarm your security system remotely. Finally, you can sleep soundly, knowing your small business is protected!

Why choose STANLEY Security for your business security system?

STANLEY Security has been among the most trusted names in the business for generations. With two Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certified centrals, STANLEY is recognized for its top-quality service, meeting and exceeding the highest standards of the industry. STANLEY is certified by the Central Station Alarm Association, the Homologated Bureau of Private Security (BSP) and the Consumer Protection Office. Founded in 1843, STANLEY has over 61,000 employees in 60 countries around the world ready to help protect your business.

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