STANLEY Security Commercial Security Systems

If maintaining a secure workspace is important to you, a STANLEY security system is definitely worth the capital investment. Knowing your physical assets are safe is important, and a STANLEY system can provide that but more importantly, it can make your people feel safe.

Security for small & medium-sized businesses

You can install access control to limit who comes in and out of your place of business and you can further customize your solution to grant access to certain areas to specific people.

You can install camera-based alarm and intrusion systems that send direct feeds to your smartphone that you can monitor in real-time. The system can be further augmented with: 

  • A loud alarm that will alert the presence of an intruder
  • An easy-to-use keypad
  • A direct connection to a smartphone or a landline phone
  • Door sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Optional window sensors (three out of ten burglaries come in through a window)
  • Optional panic buttons
  • Temperature settings to save utility costs when the business is closed

From your cell phone, tablet or computer, you can view your cameras live and have access to all recorded video sequences due to a suspicious movement (generally 1000 clips of 30 seconds per month), but adjustable on your package.

Security for enterprise-level businesses

All the features available to small businesses are also available to large businesses, but the Internet-of-Things capabilities are that much more robust. For example, you can connect your ATM machines to the system to avoid tinkering, tampering, and theft. You can also install enterprise-level video surveillance in multiple locations you can monitor concurrently from any smartphone.

Commercial Disaster Protection

Your commercial security system can come with all the first responder support you’d need to feel safe in your place, including fire, smoke, CO and flood detectors that can all be connected to our main office. Should anything be picked up, your backup team at STANLEY HQ will respond immediately from head-office. We’ll assess the situation, notify the right people and monitor progress so you can focus on keeping the business going. Professionalism, attention to quality and monitoring flexibility are what make STANLEY Security the choice for discerning business owners.

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