Monitor your property with the best outdoor security camera

Monitor your property with the best outdoor security camera

Whether you’re looking to outfit your home with a new surveillance system or add cameras to the exterior of your small business, it’s essential to choose the right tools for the job. With exterior cameras, durability is key, but you may not want to sacrifice video quality along the way.

To choose the best outdoor security camera for your needs, first determine the area you want to monitor. A larger space may require multiple cameras and longer distances may require better resolution to capture details from a distance. If cameras are close to the ground, a durable case can help prevent vandalism, meanwhile, smart positioning can conceal your security devices and protect them from weathering.

Once you understand your property’s security strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be ready to choose the best outdoor camera to get the job done.

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Residential outdoor security cameras

For your home security needs, we recommend the ADC VC726. This is a full HD 1080P bullet camera with a 4mm lens. The range makes them particularly suited to large outdoor spaces. Bullet cameras are easy to mount on walls or ceilings and record at a fixed angle, that is adjustable when you set it up. It comes with mounting hardware and 10 feet of power cable for flexible positioning.

This outdoor security camera is also prepared for the elements. An IP-67 rating means it’s dust resistant and waterproof. Weatherproofing even protects against powerful jets so heavy rain is no issue. It also has hot and cold resistance, making it ideal for any climate.

For nighttime usage, the camera has infrared vision technology to see in the dark up to 30 metres. You can record or view your security footage on a live feed anywhere at any time.

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Business outdoor security cameras

For external use around your small business, we recommend a CCTV camera system. It offers a versatile selection of camera options based on your needs. Range bullet cameras are great for parking lots, and durable in rain, snow, sleet, or hail. If you’re worried about vandalism, our in-house IPCSTAN-4401IRV camera is an excellent dome-based solution. The range is shorter, but the protective case will stand strong against tampering and the outdoors.

If control is what you’re looking for, consider adding a PTZ camera to your outdoor CCTV system. It has all the functionality of a regular dome camera with the added perk of adjusting the viewing angle remotely.

For the harshest environments, a wedge CCTV camera offers the strongest physical protection and prevents distortion in images during extreme weather. If you find yourself facing the toughest problems, this is the toughest solution.

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Equip your property with cameras, no matter the outdoor environment

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