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Break-ins cost Canadian businesses millions of dollars each year, and too many businesses leave themselves vulnerable to both external and internal theft. In fact, businesses lose more money to their own employees than to shoplifters, leading to serious negative effects on their profitability. According to the Retail Council of Canada, employees steal on average $2,500 in cash or goods before they are caught, whereas customers steal $175. STANLEY Security offers tailored video surveillance solutions to keep your business safe. A critical component of a comprehensive security strategy, cameras are an effective crime deterrent and a key tool for documenting security breaches on your property.

Security camera location in your business is everything

According to TechRepublic, camera placement is the most important aspect of your surveillance system. Outdoor cameras are an important deterrent for thieves and help you identify suspicious individuals around your business. They can also improve apprehension rates recording incidents or thefts that have occurred in the past. Indoor cameras also act as a theft deterrent and let you keep an eye on the inside of your business, including monitoring employees during work hours. They allow you to supervise certain zones that are high priority for protection, especially where cash or valuable goods are held. Our cameras also have the IR technology for both indoor and outdoor needs, to monitor any unlawful activities in the dark.

What kind of security cameras work best for business?

With so many types of cameras available you may be unsure of how to choose the best business security camera system. We have partnered with to offer you a minimum of 3,000 video clips stored in the cloud before they overwrite old files, with more independent storage options available to keep your files forever if needed.

The live feed of the cameras and the stored clips can all be accessed from a smartphone or a computer.

Commercial Wifi Cameras

Wifi cameras are the most economical option and best for small businesses.

Commercial POE Cameras

POE cameras which use an ethernet connection, are best for small or medium businesses with some vandal-resistant options available.

Commercial CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are best for medium businesses requiring four or more cameras. The CCTV cameras have high-quality 4MPX cameras with WDR that help balance lighting to create one clear image and are ideal for recording areas such as store entrances, where the contrast between indoor and outdoor lighting can make image quality a challenge. For added security, consider adding a recorder. 

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are encased in a protective plastic dome, which makes them highly resistant to vandalism as well as dissuasive to potential thieves. High-resolution and varifocal, dome cameras are a popular choice for many business types including hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

Wedge Cameras

Wedge cameras feature de-warping technology and are also vandal-proof.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are high-resolution cameras known for their distinctive bullet shape. Ideal for outdoor use and have de-warping technology.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are high-quality motorized cameras offering pan & tilt options and optical zoom.

Stream Video Recorder

Available options from STANLEY Security include the stream video recorder for WiFi and POE cameras (Alarm.Com App) and the Network video recorder for CCTV cameras (STANLEY Security App). Once you’ve selected your system, you’ll also want to choose the best camera type for your business surveillance needs. Each type offers unique benefits, from vandalism resistance to discrete appearance.

STANLEY offers a range of options to help you build the optimal surveillance system and sells four categories of products:

ADC Interior camera

  • V522IR (Full HD 1080P, WiFi round, IR vision, 2.8mm lens, angle of view: 113 degrees, bidirectional audio)

ADC Interior/Exterior Camera (3 models)

  • V722W (Full HD 1080P, WiFi bullet, improved IR vision, angle of view 88 degrees, IP 66 (water and dust resistant), heat and cold resistant 
  • VC726 (Full HD 1080P, PoE bullet, superior IR vision, 4mm lens, angle of view: 86 degrees, IP67 (waterproof and dust resistant)
  • VC826 (Full HD 1080p, PoE dome, superior IR vision, 2.8mm lens, angle of view 108 degrees, IP67 (waterproof and dust resistant)

Doorbell camera

  • ADC-VDB105 (HD 720P, WiFi, Night vision, angle of view: 180 degrees, bidirectional audio)

Professional STANLEY branded cameras (interior/exterior)

  • IPCSTAN-4401IRV (VHD 4 MPX, dome, superior IR vision, 2.8mm lens, vandal-resistant)
  • IPCSTAN-6400IRV (VHD 4 MPX, dome, superior IR vision, varifocal 2.7 - 12mm lens, vandal-resistant)

Ready to obtain business security cameras?

Whatever your security needs are, STANLEY Security will help you find the best business security camera system. Founded in 1843, our 61,000 employees in 60 countries around the globe know that vigilance and prevention are the best ways to ensure the security of your business. STANLEY is dedicated to our clients and always on call, with two national call centers in Canada, open 24/7 for any technical support needs. Our customized integration solutions help bring your security vision to life.

Ready to secure your business? Click here to obtain a free surveillance solution evaluation for your business.

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