Intrusion Systems for Enterprises

Deter potential intruders from your premises with a reliable intrusion system

A reliable security system will prevent intrusions by deterring intruders and, if that fails, alerting you of an intrusion. Commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education and government-sector companies can have a STANLEY Security intrusion system cost-effectively custom-designed, installed and monitored. 

Intrusion Systems & Alarm Verification

Speed up police response times and minimize false alarms. Enhanced audio or video verification can help with identifying perpetrators and provide real-time footage of the intrusion to the authorities.

Eliminate False Triggers - Intruder Motion Sensor Detectors

The system’s Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) detect signs of movement at the point of entry and from the top corner of the room. It accounts for false triggers caused by wind or animals, and includes dual beam detection, seismic detectors for vaults and glass break detectors.

Intrusion Systems & Thermal Perimeter Detection

Fortify your perimeter with state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and intelligent analytics. This powerful, proactive solution helps protect against theft, vandalism and vagrancy.

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What are the Advantages of an Intrusion System

Benefit #1: Proactivity of the system

Intrusion alarm systems scare potential intruders away and stop crime before it occurs.


Benefit #2: Ease of the System

Seamlessly sync with other third-party solutions you use.


Benefit #3: Value of the intrusion system

Your intrusion system will be optimized by being individually tailored to your site’s needs.


Benefit #4: Speed

During a break-in, the system can enable fast action, helping you protect your people and property.


Benefit #5: Confidence

Leave your office with the peace of mind that your employees, assets, property and livelihood are protected.


Benefit #6: Visibility around reporting

Request reports of who came in or out of your business, and when.

WHY STANLEY Security? - Experts in Intrusion Systems

Reason #1: Committed to Excellence - Best-in-Class Everything

Your comprehensive, integrated intrusion system will be built with Honeywell, Sonitrol and PACOM technology.

Reason #2: Committed to Customers - We take your business seriously.

You’ll have exceptional customer and administrative support from a nationwide team. This includes installation, service, billing and a single point of contact for all your locations.

Reason #3: Commited to Service - On point and fast to reduce down time

Certified experts will design, install, service and monitor your intrusion systems to meet your needs. This includes regular preventative maintenance.

Reason #4: Committed to Instilling Confidence - STANLEY Security is NSI Gold Approved

As an NSI Gold member, we’re inspected twice a year for the quality of our installations and how we run our business. Our excellence is consistent. You will receive a Certificate of Compliance for your system that certify our expertise and the quality of your system.

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FAQ about Commercial Intrusion Systems

Question: What does an intrusion system do?

Answer: It detects unauthorized entry into residential and commercial buildings and protects against theft and property damage.

Question: Why are intrusion systems important?

Answer: They deter potential intruders and foil actual ones by responding quickly.

Question: What happens when a sensor is triggered?

Answer: It depends on the system you install:

  • Bells-only alarms — will ring/alert but will not contact anyone
  • Dialer alarms — will ring/alert and call you
  • Smart alarms — will ring/alert and message a designated person’s smartphone
  • Monitored alarm systems — will ring/alert and contact a real person at a monitoring centre who can act or call the police

Question: Can my intrusion system be wireless?

Answer: Yes, your system can use a smart wireless signal, WiFi or Bluetooth. It can also be built with physical wiring through your space that relays data to the control panel.

Question: Should my alarm installer be accredited?

Answer: It’s recommended for your peace of mind because lots of people think they know what they’re doing when they're not. Also, you'll want to make sure to be properly connected to a monitoring center following any incident

Question: What is the intrusion system grade for?

Answer: Grade is important for insurance coverage, as insurance companies may specify a required grade. Intrusion systems in the UK must conform to European Standards EN 50131, which defines four grades based on the kind of business you have and the skills a person would need to intrude.

  • Grade 1: Intruders with little or no skill
  • Grade 2: Intruders with some skill and equipment
  • Grade 3: Intruders with experience and portable electronic equipment
  • Grade 4: Intruders with expertise, a plan of attack and high-level gear
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