Protect your business with reliable commercial fire detection systems

Reliable, Effective Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

A functioning fire alarm system is a legal obligation you have to your employees, and a no-brainer for protecting your property and your assets. The STANLEY Security solution meets local and national building and fire code requirements, but more that, it meets your peace-of-mind requirements.

We’ll customize your system to your space for enhanced site security and quick detection. This starts with a pre-installation survey to fit each fire alarm to its room and guarantee hyper-compliance.

Smart Fire Alarm Management

For easy auditing compliance, this integrates into your existing fire alarm panel and reports fire alarm activity to a cloud-hosted database.

Benefits of a smart fire alarm

  • Compliance: Log weekly fire alarm tests automatically for RRFSO requirements.
  • Immediacy: Get real-time incident notifications at one or multiple sites.
  • Cost: Centrally recorded service and test data reduces human resource requirements.
  • Ease: Replace conventional logbook systems and the mundanity associated with maintaining them.

Fire Suppression System - Limit Fire Spread

Designed to limit spread, extinguish fast and minimize damage, a suppression system can be designed for a room, suite, floor or building. And depending on need, it can cool, starve, asphyxiate or disturb a fire’s chemical chain.

Fire Sprinklers - Reduce Heat and Smoke

Give your employees more time to get out safely. A well-designed sprinkler system installed correctly can detect and control a fire and rapidly reduce the production rate of heat and smoke before it has time to do too much damage.

Emergency Lighting - Provide Lines of Sight

Protect your people with advanced emergency lighting. Have a fully monitored LED system with remote discharge testing functionality custom-designed, installed and maintained so everyone sees the way out.

Fire Extinguishers - Prevent situations from becoming disasters

The latest fire warning and suppressant technologies are no substitute for the tools to keep a fire from getting to the point of needing them. In more severe emergencies, fire extinguishers can save lives by clearing evacuation routes, breaking windows and knocking down doors.

Emergency Evacuation - Alert and Evacuate

Combine an advanced fire alarm system with emergency evacuation for a comprehensive life safety system for your site. Upon detection of a fire, it will alert the authorities, and activate your building’s evacuation and communications systems to provide a crucial channel between first responders and your people.

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The Main Components of a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are complex and will vary depending on site requirements and needs. However, they all include these core components:

Fire Alarm Panel

As the system’s primary interface, the panel will communicate with connected devices and detectors, report system status, review alarms and check incoming data. Your panel can be preconfigured or custom-designed.

Detector Units

Position them around your building to detect heat, smoke, flames (with CCTV add-on), carbon monoxide or all four.

Manual Call Points

These should be the most noticeable parts of your system. Anyone who sees a fire should be able to easily get to a call point.

Sounders and Bells

May include bells, sirens and pre-recorded spoken instructions.

Visual Alarm Devices (Beacons)

These are must-haves in noisy environments where workers use ear protection. You can set yours up to indicate a local problem or one in another location.

Known as relays, these control equipment you have connected to your system, like a sprinkler or an elevator.

The Advantages of a Commercial Fire Detection System

  1. Protection
    For you, your people and your property.
  2. Compliance
    Avoid fines, lawsuits and a guilty conscience.
  3. Reliability
    ProtectionNet™ Customer Service centres monitor alarm systems and dispatch the fire department.
  4. Speed
    You’ll be notified quickly when the sprinkler is deployed so you can minimize damage.

Why STANLEY Security? We’re experts in Fire Detection Solutions

  1. Committed to Service with Local Service and Support
    With local offices worldwide, STANLEY Security makes effective fire alarm system support easy. Check logs and incident reports online, get fire test and inspection results, request service, see bills and more.
  2. Committed to Support
    STANLEY Security UL and FM monitoring centres can assist you in your security requirements.
  3. Committed to Excellence with Advanced Fire Detection Systems
    Know your system was designed by the leaders in quality fire alarm systems. You’ll have cutting-edge and accredited technology from leading fire detection manufacturers that set new bars of excellence in BSI, BAFE and NSI.
  4. Committed to Quality with Approved Integrators
    STANLEY Security is an approved integrator for Honeywell Gent fire detection and alarm solutions, which set higher standards than any other fire safety brand available today.

FAQs about our commercial fire detection systems

Question: What are the basic components of fire detection?

Answer: A simple system is comprised of:

  • an alarm control panel that can be activated by a fire-sensing detector or an individual.
  • a warning that can be seen and/or heard.
  • a manual call point that can be easily accessed.

Question: What do more advanced fire detection systems include?

Answer: You can upgrade your system with:

  • Fire monitoring and dispatch
  • Early detection systems and advanced point ID technology
  • Intelligent initiating and indicating devices
  • Recall and shutdown interfaces
  • Standalone or integrated panels test and inspection services
  • Advanced diagnostics and occupant notification

Question: What does the installation process include?

Answer: Your technician can talk to you about:

  • Fire monitoring and dispatch
  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Monitoring
  • Ongoing service maintenance

Question: What are the legal requirements for a fire door?

Answer: Almost all commercial buildings legally require third-party certified fire doors. We can inspect and maintain yours every six months.

Question: What is a Fire Risk Assessment, and how often do I need to do one?

Answer: A Fire Risk Assessment is a review of a premise and a noting of the risks people working there would be exposed to in the case of a fire. A Fire Risk Assessment is part of an annual fire alarm inspection.

Question: What are the different types of fire suppression systems?

Answer: Fire suppression systems use one of four mediums:

  • Water sprinklers and misters cool and remove heat.
  • Inert gas reduces the oxygen levels until combustion is no longer possible.
  • Synthetic gas is made with chemicals that reduce heat and extinguish flames.
  • Water and high-expansion foam covers a fire quickly and removes its oxygen.

Question: What fire sprinkler solutions do you provide?

Answer: Our sprinkler service includes:

  • Fire code-compliant monitoring services
  • Fire sprinkler water flow and valve monitoring
  • Fire monitoring with dispatch
  • Early notification to minimize water damage
  • Standalone or integrated panels
  • Test and inspection services for the alarm devices connected to your system
  • Maintenance and repair services

Question: What are types of emergency lighting are available?

Answer: The most popular emergency lighting solutions include:

  • Temporary lighting for when power is lost in an emergency situation.
  • Conspicuous exit signage to guide people to safety.
  • Thermoplastic, photo-luminescent or self-luminous lighting for power outages.

Question: What’s in a fire extinguisher?

Answer: The contents can vary and are appropriate in different circumstances

  • Water — for wood, paper and textile fires
  • Dry Powder —for gas fires
  • Foam — for flammable liquids
  • Carbon Dioxide — for electrical fires
  • Wet Chemical — for cooking fires
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