Cloud video Surveillance
Cameras | 2020-11-10
Cloud video surveillance tops the list of technologies making waves, and it has a high adoption rate for these 4 reasons
visitor management
Access Control | 2020-11-04
A business’s approach to reopening their facilities and mitigating spread of COVID-19 should include preparedness for the safety of staff and visitors.
Cybersecurity | 2020-10-29
Cybercrime cost the global economy $11 billion in 2019, and many experts believe that number will keep growing unless we protect our businesses with the right Cybersecurity systems.
temperature screening technology
Access Control | 2020-10-21
Monitor the temperature of your employees and customers before they can enter your facilities, and put your business at risk.
water damage
Water Leak Detection | 2020-10-09
Water damage costs roughly $250M per year in Canada and a basement flood can cost $43,000 on average to repair.
water leak detector
Water Leak Detection | 2020-10-01
Did you know that more than 60% of insurance claims are about water damage? A water leak detector could save all this trouble and get you insurance discounts.
smart thermostat
Smart Home | 2020-09-28
A Smart Thermostat integrated with a Smart Security System, can do so much!
smart home security
Smart Home | 2020-09-24
Having a smart home isn't enough if it's not connected with the right security system to keep you and your assets safe.
ip cameras
Cameras | 2020-09-22
IP Cameras are a great solution whether you're looking for a classic security camera system for your house or for a small business.
home security
Home Security | 2020-09-18
Most people think of home security as break-in prevention, and understandably so, but it's far more than this.