STANLEY Security who specializes in residential and commercial sectors has been launched onto a global platform and can now offer extensive services of security integration in the nationwide industrial sector. The company answers efficiently to an increasing rate of requests through the rest of Canada through the STANLEY Canada offices, being the first port of call in the security industry, thanks to the quality of services, the dedication of its employees and the effectiveness of distributed equipment.


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Subscription to the Services

If you do not know STANLEY Security, you probably know more about our parent company STANLEY Black & Decker or Dewalt. All brands and divisions of STANLEY Black & Decker together, have more than 60,000 employees in more than 60 countries, while the company started operations in 1863.

We are ranked number one in the world for tools and number two in terms of commercial safety. Whether if it's for the protection of your home or for the protection of an airport, STANLEY Security can take care of it.

Each house being different and having different needs, the prices can vary as much in the residential as in the commercial one. Depending on your needs for door contacts, glass break detectors, water leak protection, fire detectors, CO detectors, and security cameras, an advisor can evaluate with you your options. All our packages include equipment and our 24/7 remote monitoring service.

Our basic residential packages can be observed on our packages page

To get in touch with a consultant directly and get a personalized quote at no cost, click here

All the equipment included in our packages becomes the property of the customers at the end of the agreement, unlike other companies that actually only rent you the equipment and leave with them at the end of your contract.

The purpose of a security system is to prevent the high risk of harm to your life and property caused by fires, intrusions, water damage and/or harmful gas emissions that can occur in homes and businesses.

With good protective gear, any devastating situation can be avoided. That's why we offer, in addition to a fire and theft system, increased protection against home robberies, floods, temperature variations, and gas intoxication, whether you are present or absent from your home.

STANLEY Security's remote monitoring services, combined with state-of-the-art security equipment, play a critical role in safeguarding lives for any emergency.

A number of insurance companies offer a certain level of discount on insurance premiums depending on the type of protection (fire – theft) and if the security system is connected to a monitoring center or not.

Find out from your insurance company the level of discount on house insurance premiums by having a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

After your security system is installed, STANLEY Security will send you a monitoring certificate confirming the type of protection at your residence. You can then send this to your insurance company so that you will be granted any discounts discussed with you. If you need to get a new monitoring certificate, contact a customer services agent.

If you would like more information about our products and services to add to or change to your system, ask one of our customer service agents by filling out this form: Request a quote form

Monitoring Center

The people listed in your file should be able to assist public services in cases of a real alarm, by accessing the site of the alarm and confirming, for example, with the monitoring center dispatcher if the public service should be mobilized out or not.

Note that it is important to keep the contact information of your list of emergency contacts up-to-date. If you wish to make changes or modifications to your list, contact one of our technical service agents.

Following an alarm being triggered, no charges will be sent to you by STANLEY Security for the monitoring center receiving this and checking it out, whether or not it is a real or false alarm.

However, depending on the municipality of your town, you could be charged if public services are dispatched, if the monitoring center is unable to get your confirmation of false alarm or if you forget your password.

The public service will carry out checks at your address. Depending on the municipality, a certain number of false alarms due to system error or malfunction may result in charges and/or suspension of response service. In any case, STANLEY Security urges you to contact one of our customer service agents who will know how to help you.

When your system is triggered, this directly sends an alarm to STANLEY Security’s monitoring center. A dispatcher in the monitoring center will check whether it is a real alarm by phoning the site. If you are there and answer the call, the dispatcher will request your password and ask some standard questions. If you don’t answer the call, the dispatcher will carry out the procedure set up when you signed your subscription form, which, in general, means calling the public service needed in your municipality and then getting in touch with the persons named on your list.

If it is a false alarm, it is very important that you don’t attempt to call the monitoring center directly, as by doing so, you will block your line and we won’t be able to get hold of you to check if it is a false alarm or not and we will dispatch the public service to your site. Wait for a dispatcher to get in touch with you and, after giving him/her your password, let him/her know that it’s a false alarm.

Customer Service & Technical Service

Your monthly fees or monitoring fees can be paid every month, but you can also pay every two, three or six months, or even annually. If you want to change how often you make payments, please let a customer services agent know. You can also make payments by being invoiced, either by direct debit or credit card.

Pre-Authorized Debit Form (to be sent by email to CEC@sbdinc.com)


Your subscription form confirms your commitment to being protected for a fixed period. If you want to end it prematurely, this may result in penalties being billed to you depending on the contract terms.

If your protection needs change over time, please let one of our customer services agents know who will more than happily analyze what you need to establish a security plan specific to your way of life.

You can test if your system is working properly at any time by using the appropriate keys on the keypad. One of our monitoring center’s operators will contact you to confirm they received it. If you don’t receive a call from our monitoring center, or if you would like to know more about carrying out a test, contact our technical department. We advise that you carry out at least one test per month.

When you start the process of selling your home, notify a STANLEY Security agent as soon as possible who will explain the steps to install and renew your subscription form. By doing so, you could benefit from a number of sales and discount opportunities when installing at your future home. You can also let us know that you are moving houses by filling out the “Moving Houses” section on this website.

A few weeks before you leave your home, update your file with a customer services agent who will arrange to send you, by mail, a sticker with the details of STANLEY Security that you can affix to the main keypad at the residence. This way, the new occupant can reach STANLEY Security at any time in order to understand how the system works there.

If the past owner was with STANLEY Security, we can switch the owner of the old system without any problem. Whether you know the new home’s system’s password or not, we only recommend you use the security system after having called one of our customer service agents. This way you can create your own password and become the manager of your system.

During home renovations, when there is a high risk of accumulating a lot of dust, mold or debris in the air, please follow these steps in order to avoid false alarms:

  1. Protect and cover your smoke detector with a resistant surface preventing any debris from accumulating there.
  2. Let a technical service agent know so that your system’s signals can be better managed during the planned renovation period.

STANLEY Security has specialists who can provide technical support to subscribers. Our service-representative team members undergo continual training so they can help customers over the phone, with any technical questions. Our technicians also benefit from continual training which means that their knowledge is always up-to-date when it comes to the latest technologies and innovations of STANLEY Security’s systems. Do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

Phone STANLEY Security’s customer services to choose a new password for your system. By doing so, you will be able to check that your system is working correctly by telephone and thus update your protection.

Extended maintenance warranty

Extended maintenance service is available as an option to all of our residential and commercial customers. For the duration of the STANLEY Security service contract, the following is covered: travel costs of technicians, cost of equipment and labor, excluding battery changes and technicians traveling outside of normal working hours, i.e. from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday. See the “Guarantee” clause of your subscription form for all the details.

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