Stanley Security who specializes in residential and commercial sectors, has been launched onto a global platform and can now offer extensive services of security integration in the nationwide industrial sector. The company answers efficiently to an increasing rate of requests through the rest of Canada through the Stanley Canada offices, being the first port of call in the security industry, thanks to the quality of services, the dedication of its employees and the effectiveness of distributed equipment.

If you do not know STANLEY Security, you probably know more about our parent company STANLEY Black & Decker or Dewalt. All brands and divisions of STANLEY Black & Decker together, have more than 52,000 employees in more than 50 countries, while the company started operations in 1863.

We are ranked number one in the world for tools and number two in terms of commercial safety. Whether if it's for the protection of your home or for the protection of an airport, STANLEY Security can take care of it.

Each house being different and having different needs, the prices can vary as much in the residential as in the commercial one. Depending on your needs for door contacts, glass break detectors, water leak protection, fire detectors, CO detectors, and security cameras, an advisor can evaluate with you your options. All our packages include equipment and our 24/7 remote monitoring service.

Our basic residential packages can be observed on our packages page

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All the equipment included in our packages becomes the property of the customers at the end of the agreement, unlike other companies that actually only rent you the equipment and leave with them at the end of your contract.

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